North Central Law Enforcement & Schools

The North Central School Safety & Security Project seeks to promote school safety and security by engaging stakeholders in safety and security planning, providing training, and creating access to resources. 

This project is provided by the North Central Planning, Exercise, and Training (PET) Region. For more about the 22-County North Central Region, visit the North Central PET website.

Online Education Opportunities for Law Enforcement:

  • School Threat Assessment & Safe School Initiative Webinar This training presented by Bryan Vossekuil of the Metis Group and retired Special Agent of the United States Secret Service reviews the Safe School Initiative report and findings. (1 hour)

  • Introduction to Threat Assessment Team Development This training is presented by Denise Bulling , PhD, University of Nebraska Public Policy Center and Keith Hansen, MBA, Center for Preparedness Education, and reviews the concepts of threat assessment, the pathway to violence model, and the formation of threat assessment teams. (1 hour)

  • Behavioral Health Basics for Rural Law Enforcement
    This training is designed to better equip law enforcement to respond to persons in a mental health crisis. You will learn more about symptoms and the impact of mental illness, skills to de-escalate the crisis and how to connect with appropriate community –based behavioral health services. (1 hour)

  • Active Shooter: How to Respond 
    This Department of Homeland Security resource provides online education and materials for law enforcement, first responders, workplace managers, schools, or others interested in what to do in an active shooter situation including actions, indicators, prevention, and consequences for active shooter incidents.  This course (IS-907) is worth 0.1 CEU / 1 hour. The complete booklet is available in PDF online.


  • Table Top Exercise Guide A table top exercise tests disaster and preparedness plans by having involved individuals talk out response and actions to an emergency. This guide provides an overview and instructions for conducting table top exercises.  Five sample exercises are provided as developed by teams in the North Central PET Region.

  • School Physical Vulnerability Assessment Workbook Schools should work review their building and grounds for physical safety and security with outsider personnel such as law enforcement, emergency manager, fire and EMS responders, and key stakeholders in the community.  This workbook provides a checklist of items to review in the school plans and infrastructure to analyze your school for both safety and security.

  • All-Hazards Safety & Security Plan Template  An All-Hazards Plan will help your school effectively and comprehensively manage emergency situations by combining existing plans, policies, and procedures in one succinct document. This customizable template is also available in Word format.
  • Safe School Initiative Report This report reviews a research study of targeted violence in schools from 1974 – 2000.  The report features indicators of targeted violence as well as key questions threat assessment teams should ask.    This report was prepared by the US Secret Service and the US Department of Education.

  • Nebraska Threat Assessment Project See upcoming events, resources, and training opportunities for campus threat assessment and insider threats.

  • Association of Threat Assessment Professionals Join the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP), participate in regional and national conferences, network with others to exchange and receive information about resources and strategies for threat assessment, and subscribe to the ATAP Newsletter.   The local Great Plains Chapter began in Nebraska and is the largest growing chapter.

  • Preventing School Violence: A Sustainable Approach
    This article from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration focuses on creating a safe and secure school environment for students pulling from a number of plans and sources.

  • School Safety & Security Conference Materials
    This conference focused on issues related to school safety and violence prevention for first responders, law enforcement, school representatives, and educators. For conference materials, please visit the secure site.

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